Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Update 01/10/2012


I just wanted to tell everyone that Dad has finally made his way out of the hospital and in to a rehab facility!!! As most of you know, this is a big big step considering where he was a few weeks ago. The rehab facility is called Park Manor and is located in Tomball.

The address is:
Park Manor of Tomball
250 School Street
Tomball, TX 77375

The website is:

I believe the visiting hours are from 9AM - 9PM. They like visitors stopping by to help encourage Dad because rehab is going to be a challenge due to what his body has been through. With that said, this is just a friendly reminder to please keep in mind that he is still recovering from the sickness and is building up his strength. If you catch him after he just finished some exercises, he might be out (asleep)for a little while. But please feel free to stop by if you get the chance. You all know Dad...if he is awake, he needs someone to talk too. :)

As always, thank you for the prayers! And thanks to those who have had the time to visit him and us at the hospital. Not only did it help us, I believe it had some impact on others in the hospital. I don't think we will ever know the full extent of this impact but rest assured, they realize that something is different with Dad. He is a man who is truly loved by his family and his many, many friends. A few people told us that they were just amazed at the number of people who came to see him while in the CCU and when he was moved to the other rooms. Perhaps this recognition of something different will spark a curiosity to discover what causes such a difference.

Throughout this whole process, we have been constantly focusing on Dad's small steps of improvement. In this very negative situation, we relied on his small positives to stay encouraged and to stay the course. But I have come to realize that other small positives could have taken place apart from Dad's health yet still connected to his situation. Perhaps the faith of a nurse or even another patient was strengthened by simply witnessing the visits and prayers of those who came to the hospital. Perhaps someone is one step closer to wanting to discover and know the Giver of such Joy and Peace. Be encouraged! In this, you all have played a part!!

I can never say it enough...we are truly blessed to have such an awesome group of people we can call friends!

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  1. Todd, what you said about the whole situation affecting others is so true! Sometimes I think the Lord puts Christians in the hospital so they -- and those who visit them -- can be a witness TO the employees at the hospital!! THEY are the ones who need to see God's hand working in people's lives, not "us." We have a friend in rehab now in The Woodlands, and the employees & therapists are the ones being ministered to! They are seeing God's love expressed by their "patient" and to their patient thru people coming to visit.
    We are continuing to pray!

  2. We are so thrilled to hear that Bobby has left the hospital and we will pray for quick recovery. Thanks for the update.

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  4. Great news! So glad to hear he's moved, I know he's glad to be out of the hospital. Tell him I think about him and pray for him and you guys daily. Love to you all!- April