Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Update 01/03/2012: Still Making Small Steps


Just wanted to let everyone know that Dad was moved out of the ICU yesterday! He is now in a regular room. Moving on up!

- His voice is getting stronger...which means his throat muscles are getting stronger...which means he is getting closer to being able to drink and eat on his own. The speech therapist will see him again tomorrow to determine if he is ready to drink liquids in larger quantities. For the past two days he has only been able to drink very small sips of water and chew on ice chips.
- According to the infectious diseases doctor, he will only need 3 more days of antibiotics. This is awesome news! The white cell count has dropped to 17 and all other lab numbers are looking good. The kidneys have improved as well. If all goes well over the next few days and his strength improves to where he can get out of bed and move about on his own then we should be able to get him home soon after the antibiotic treatment ends.
- His strength is gradually coming back. The physical therapists came by today and got Dad to sit up in a chair for about 30 minutes. They also showed us some exercises that we can help him do throughout the day, like short leg lifts and arm lifts. He gets a little tired about half way through each exercise and gets a little irritated when we urge him on to finish. In doing so, we ever so gently remind him of the countless times when he would...ever so gently "urge" us on while we ran "10 in a minute" sprints and horses during basketball practice. Yes...all of you who have suffered under Coach Frazier's wrath in the past...we are now returning the favor. :)

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. Till next time...Hebrews 11:1


  1. GREAT NEWS!!!We'll keep praying!!!!

  2. Praising the Lord with you for every bit of encouraging news! May His grace abound. We love you and continue to pray. Hope to see you this weekend. Love, Tom & Nancy