Sunday, January 1, 2012

Update 01/01/2012: Still Making Small Steps

Happy New Year!!!

Dad is doing better! His voice is steadily getting stronger and his strength is gradually improving. The doctor told us that his lab numbers are looking good; white cell count is decreasing and the kidneys are looking good. The white cell count is not where it needs to be but it is getting there, slowly but surely. We are hoping Dad will start speech therapy and physical therapy tomorrow (if not tomorrow for sure Tuesday). The goal for the speech therapy is to get Dad to the point where he can drink and eat without usuing tubes. The goal for the physical therapy is to have daily sessions in order to build Dad's strength so he can get out of bed and move around on his own.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us emails and posts of encouragement! Thanks to those who have been able to stop by to see Dad! His body is still pretty weak and he likes to sleep a lot throughout the day but your prayers and and visits are much appreciated.

Here is a verse Dad wanted to pass on to you all: Colossians 3:4

May the Lord bless you, may He keep you and may He give you peace in this new year of 2012!!


  1. Thanks for the continued updates.

  2. We're so thankful to hear that Bobby is continuing to strengthen and improve! Thank you for the specific prayer posts....we are praying with you all, trusting the Lord for his mercy and grace to cover. We hope to see you later this week. Love & prayers, Tom & Nancy

  3. (Okay trying this again...remember what I said about being "technologically challenged"!) Just wanted you to know that we are continuing to pray for your family and that the Lord's grace will continue to cover and keep you during this time of healing and recovery. We enjoyed our time with you---sharing laughter through tears and trusting that the joy of the Lord will be your strength!

    Psalm 91,
    Ed and Linita Chung

  4. Thanks for the continued updates! We will continue to pray and will come by again soon and hopefully see you too, Todd!
    Mike and Denise Boriack

  5. Thank you for the updates, Todd. Tell your Mom & Dad that David & Karleen Mauldin send their love and prayers. And tell your Dad that Northridge Baptist Church is praying for him, as well as Conroe Area Christian Home Educators!!

  6. Hi Todd, we are so happy to hear your dad is continuing to improve. Mike and I will continue to pray. Remember, we are close by, if you née anything just let us know. We will call before we stop by hopefully later this week to see if we can bring you anything.