Sunday, January 8, 2012

Update 01/08/2012:

Hi Everyone,

I apologize for not posting anything in a couple of days. Here is the update:

- the infection is clear! No more antibiotics!
- the speech therapist has given Dad the ok to eat regular food and drink regular liquids. No more mushy chicken!
- Doctors should release him sometime early next week.

The next step is to move Dad to a rehabilitation clinic where he will stay so he can build his strength to where he can walk around on his own. Hopefully the rehap process will take no more than a couple of days but we will not know for sure. It will be a day to day process. There are a couple in the Tomball area that we are considering and should have one selected early next week.

Please continue to pray for Dad's healing; more specifically to build strength in his arms and legs.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers. I promise not to take 5 days to post the next update :)

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