Thursday, December 29, 2011

Update 12/29/2011; Still Making Small Steps


I'm sorry for not posting anything for the past couple of days but I am pleased to say that Dad has made some good progress since the last post. Here is the update:

- Dad is off the breathing machine!! He started to become more alert yesterday afternoon and was able to respond to simple "yes" and "no" questions but was still on the machine. Early this morning they were able to take him off the machine (tube out of his mouth) but kept him on a little oxygen to help with his breathing. All today he has been able to respond to simple questions and give a few grunts. His vocal cords are a little weak (due to the breathing tube)and it will require a day or so before he is able to verbally communicate clearly (which, as you can imagine, is driving him crazy right now).
- Since he is breathing on his own now, his body is having to work a little harder than it has been over the past week. He is still on antibiotics and fighting the infection, which has not improved very much since the last post.

With this said, we want to let everyone know that the chance of getting in to see Dad over the next few days might be a little challenging. Stopping by the hospital to check in is still encouraged but we want to make you aware that you might not be able to see him if you do so. The medical staff has encourage us to limit the number of visits in order to give him time to rebuild his strength. Even though he is awake and off the breathing machine, he has yet to make it out of the woods. His body is still fighting hard against the sickness.

Please continue to pray for:
- Life over Dad
- That the antibiotics will work and that the white blood count will go down.
- He is be able to get off of the oxygen completely so he can move to a regular room and out of the CCU.
- His vocal cords will strengthen quickly

Again, thank you all so much for your prayers and support!!! Till next time....


  1. We are THRILLED to hear of the good (even though it might seem small) progress! We pray every day for Mr. Frazier, and he is never far from our thoughts. Thank you for keeping us updated and letting us know what to pray for.

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. We are all praying life! and restoration for Bobby and praying for all of you too, Todd.
    I know it's hard to say no to people who want to visit Bobby, but when a person is working so hard to recover, they desperately need as much quiet and rest as possible. Everyone understands. God bless you guys. We love ya'll.
    "In him was life; and the life was the light of men." John 1:4
    Steve and Jeanne Colvin

  3. I definitely keep praying! Praising God for His healing this far!