Saturday, December 24, 2011

Update 12/24/11

Hello Everyone!

Here is the update:

- The main goal for today is to get Dad off of the sedative medication and get him awake. Since he had such a low blood pressure, they are unsure as to how much blood and oxygen went to the brain during the early stage of his stay at the hospital.
- Blood pressure is looking good! He is still receiving the low dose of blood pressure medicine.
- White cell count still looks good.
- Oxygen level from the breathing machine is down to 40%.

Key improvements to pray for:

1) He needs to wake up!! This has been the longest time my dad has gone without saying a word and all of you know that he is not the silent type. We are looking for him to make eye contact and respond to commands (squeezing hands, nodding his head, etc.)

2) The kidney function needs to improve. They are ok for now but we need them back to 100%.

3) They have switched to a new antibiotic. The old antibiotics were taking a toll on the kidneys and needed to be changed. We need this new antibiotic to do an even better job fighting against the infection.

Thanks everyone for your prayers!!


  1. We are praying for your dad, and for all of your family! Thanks for the updates, and we'll pass this around in our church.

    Kimberly Robinson

  2. Praying for Coach Bobby on this Christmas Eve. Thankful for our hope in Jesus.

    Byron Williamson

  3. We are praying for Mr Frazier every day and hardly a moment goes by where I don't think of him and his family during this hard time. I pray that God continues to heal his body and that he gives peace and strength and even joy to the Frazier family! <3

  4. In continual prayer and beyond thrilled at Gods working thus far. We anxiously await updates so we can pray specifically. It's selfish of us, but we still want dear Bobby here!! blessings and merry Christmas!!!!,
    The Barreras clan